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Mobile Computing Server
Cellefony's Mobile Computing 2000 brings together a suite of applications, empowering individuals and businesses to connect with the Intranet or the Internet using the Cell Phone or other mobile devices to compute on the move.To purchase contact


Cellefony's MobileTelnet application allows individuals to access, command, and control servers around the world. The Java Servlet and XML based application features the ability to connect to unix based machines through WAP enabled phones.

  • Connection to all servers supporting the Telnet Protocol.
  • Recorded session logs that can be accessed on line or emailed.
  • Management of different logins and connections through the web allowing for easy access.
  • Ability to define "hot keys" to execute a command.
  • Ability to define macros to execute a series of commands on the unix machine.
  • Supports most Web Servers.


This XML based application provides conversions between various media forms for efficient access by wireless devices.

  • Conversion from various forms of documents such as Microsoft Word Documents and HTML Web Pages to WML or PDQ.
  • Conversion process can occur on a server or on a user's desktop computer.
  • Conversion of entire directories of files to WML or PDQ.
  • Fast and reliable conversion.


Cellefony's MobileImageConverter Application enables the conversion of various image formats to WBMP for use on WAP enabled Cell Phones.

  • Conversion from various image formats to WBMP for use on WAP Phones.
  • Conversion process can occur on a server or on a user's desktop computer.
  • Conversion of entire directories of images.
  • Fast and reliable conversion.


Cellefony's MobilePublisher Application enables the user to publish information on to wireless devices. Users can define information such as Microsoft Word or Office files, HTML web pages, notes or bookmarks to be accessible through their WAP-enabled telephone or PDA.

  • Publication of documents from the desktop computer to Wireless Servers.
  • Publication of documents to Wireless Servers at pre-set times and frequencies.
  • Access to published documents from any mobile devices.


Cellefony's MobileProgrammer Application enables the user to compile and execute standard software programs, special software programs using the Internet enabled wireless device and the Cellefony Web Server.

  • Access the tremendous computing power of the Cellefony Web Server using the mobile device.
  • Edit and Compile Java, C, C++ source code
  • Execute, Store, Share or Forward to members of work groups.


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