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Cellefony has developed a number of different Server Applications that can be customized to the specific needs of an enterprise.

These solutions are fully tested, proven solutions. Cellefony's suite of products have been developed, tested and deployed across the entire spectrum of mobile devices.

If the solution you had in mind is not listed below, please check Cellefony's Services, we'd be happy to build it for you.
:::: Mobile Application Server
    The Cellefony Mobile Application Server combines a range of wireless applications from productivity applications to carrier class server software solutions.  
:::: Mobile Communication Server
    Cellefony has developed a suite of applications to address the fast growing and emerging need for reliable communication of data through wireless devices and over wireless networks. The Mobile Communications Server brings the functionality of a number of different data transferring protocols; empowering individuals, small businesses and large corporations to securely, effectively, and efficiently manage their data traffic through mobile devices and over networks.
:::: Mobile Storage Server
    The Cellefony Mobile Storage Application (CMSA) Suite provides a functional central storage center that interfaces with a broad spectrum of mobile devices. Using XML, CMSA seamlessly stores data so that mobile devices with the appropriate permissions can retrieve it on demand. For instance, a chart sketched by a manager during a meeting on a TabletPC can be stored on the CMSA and later be retrieved by an employee with a Mobile Device.
:::: Mobile Computing Server
    Cellefony's Mobile Computing Platform brings together a suite of applications, empowering individuals and businesses to connect with the Intranet or the Internet using the cell phone or other mobile device and compute on the move.  
:::: Mobile Learning Server
    Cellefony has pioneered Mobile Learning development and established a leadership position in wireless Internet educational applications that may be accessed over the wireless web enabled Cell Phone, the PDA or the Internet connected PC.
:::: Mobile Productivity Suite
    The Mobile Productivity Suite provides a suite of client based, Mobile OS applications for the business professional on the move.
:::: Online and App Device Productivity Suite
    The Online and App Productivity Suite provides a suite of client based, device OS specific applications for the business professional on the move.
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