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Mobile Communication Server
The applications may be licensed or purchased by corporations and may be customized to suit the specific needs of the user.

Cellefony has developed a suite of applications to address the fast growing and emerging need for reliable communication of Data over wireless devices and wireless networks. The Mobile Communications Suite brings together a number of applications, empowering individuals, small businesses and large corporations to efficiently and effectively manage their Data traffic over mobile devices and networks.

The MobileMail software package is ideal for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Corporations.

  • Enables the user to access email through WAP enabled Cell phones, or Palm devices using the wireless web. Ability to check several existing POP / Imap accounts from different domains and have them delivered to customized folders in a central Inbox.
  • Businesses and Corporations may establish their own wireless web e-mail for multiple users
  • Individuals may set up their own wireless e-mail account if they have a registered and hosted domain name or they may establish an e-mail account at

Cellefony's Mobile Instant Messenger allows individuals to communicate text messages to WAP enabled Cell Phones across different carriers. The application provides for real-time chat between a user and one or more groups of individuals. Individuals may Send / Receive instant messages via the web or an Internet enabled PC.

  • Creation of multiple MobileIM Lists.
  • Ability to send SMS to cell phones or to engage in real-time chat with cell phone users.
  • Creation of seamless corporate communication networks from PCs to Wireless devices.
  • Hot Keys allowing WAP users to enter fewer keywords.

Cellefony's MobileBulletinBoards allows individuals, businesses and corporations to create and customize their own pass word protected bulletin boards accessible through the wireless web and the Internet enhancing 'Any where and Any time' communication. Ability to establish internal and external communication channels with one or more groups.

  • Multiple bulletin boards may be created, customized and maintained.
  • Password protection, allowing only a defined group of individuals access to any particular Mobile Bulletin Board.
  • Corporations and organizations can create both Internal and External bulletin boards.
  • Time stamp of entries.
  • Daily log may be saved to server and e-mailed to authorized individuals.
  • Access Management Software through the web for tracking and analysis.

Cellefony's MobileFileTransfer Software enables the user to easily transmit data from a PC to any Cell phone or from one Cell phone to another Cell phone.

  • Phone Peer to another Phone Peer file transfer, desktop to phone transfer, or phone to desktop file transfer.
  • Management capability to specify and control maximum file transfer size and maximum file transfer frequency for each user.
  • Time stamp of each file transfer.
  • Transfer log saved to server and may be e-mailed to authorized individuals/administrators.
  • Java Servlet and XML based application allowing compatibility with most common Web Servers.

Cellefony's MobileBroadcaster enables the broadcast of information to individuals and groups for delivery to their wireless devices. Users may define e-mail, information, data and documents such as Microsoft Word or Office files, HTML web pages, Announcements or Press-Releases to be broadcast at a specified time in the future.

  • Data, directories of files, and emails may be defined to be sent tospecific wireless devices.
  • Messages may be sent to a specified wireless device or regular e-mail address.
  • May be sent to individuals or groups for delivery over their wireless devices.
  • Maintain and manage multiple broadcast lists.
  • Specified times / future dates may be assigned for broadcasting.
  • Time stamp of each broadcast.
  • Broadcast log saved to server and may be e-mailed to authorized individuals/administrators.

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