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Board of Advisors Current and Previous


Raman K. Rao
Raman K. Rao co-founded to address the content and application needs of the fast growing global WAP enabled mobile device market. Mr. Rao has over 32 years of experience in the high technology industry in both technical and executive management roles. Mr. Rao served as CEO of International Semiconductor Technologies, which designs and manufactures communication ICs, Vice President of Sierra Semiconductor Corporation, and Executive Vice President of Micro Power Systems Inc. He also served in various management roles at Texas Instruments, Inc. and Motorola, Inc. Mr. Rao holds a Bachelors degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technolgy, a Masters degree in engineering from Michigan State University and a MBA from Arizona State University.

Alexander Dingee
Nexabit Networks
Alexander L.M. Dingee is a founder and the Chairman of Kortec, Inc. (turn-key coinjection molding systems). Previously he served as a founder, Director and Treasurer of Nexabit Networks, Inc. (terabit switch routers; Nexabit was sold to Lucent Technologies in 1999). Mr. Dingee has also been the founder and CEO of Venture Founders Corporation (start-up venture capital funds), Geodyne Corporation (oceanographic instruments), and Massey Dickinson, Inc. (medical instruments). As a faculty member at MIT's Sloan School, he taught courses in new enterprise development. He is a co-author of New Venture Creation (Irwin, editions 1-3), a widely-used business school textbook.

Sunil K. Rao
Sunil K. Rao co-founded in January 2000. Sunil holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His thesis research at the M.I.T. Laboratory for Computer Science focused on wireless networks. Sunil has worked at several high technology companies.

Michele Giammarino
Managing Director
International Rectifier Corporation
Italiana S.p.A.
Mr. Giammarino is currently the Managing Director of International Rectifier Corporation Italiana. In the past, he served as the Managing Director of Metrologie S.p.A., Milan, Italy and as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Micropower Systems, Inc. Prior to this, Mr. Giammarino served as the Vice President of the Linear Products Division at Texas Instruments in Dallas. In the past, he held various executive management positions at Texas Instruments in Europe and at General Instruments in the U.S.

Uday Bellary
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Metro-Optix Corporation
Prior to Metro-Optix, Mr. Bellary served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of MMC Networks, Inc, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of DTM Corporation, and Director of Finance at Cirrus Logic, Inc. Prior to that, Mr. Bellary held management positions at Intel Corporation and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP. Mr. Bellary holds a B.S. degree from Karnatak University and a DMA from the University of Bombay. He is also a chartered accountant and a certified public accountant.

Sanjay K. Rao
Sanjay has extensive experience in product development and mobile applications. Sanjay graduated from M.I.T. with a bachelors and masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Sanjay completed research at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the MIT Media Lab.



Board of Advisors
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