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Company News Announces
The First Wireless Price Comparison Engine and one of
The First Wireless Internet Search Engines
For Internet Enabled Cellular Telephones

February 7, 2000
Santa Clara, California and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cellefony, a leader in the emerging applications market for Internet enabled digital cellular phones, announced the first publicly available wireless price comparison engine and one of the first wireless Internet search engines.

With's price comparison engine, users may comparison shop for Books, Compact Disks, DVDs, and Videos while mobile. Cellefony's application enables users to perform their research anywhere, including at the physical location of bricks and mortar retailers.

"Using's wireless price comparison engine, consumers can make informed choices since they can always have the latest pricing information about the products that they plan to purchase. In effect, Cellefony's service will help eliminate the arbitrage between real world prices and Internet prices."
said Sunil K. Rao, President of Cellefony

As an example the user may submit a query for books, by ISBN number, author, title, or by keyword.'s system is designed to be fast and easy to use, with the lowest price displayed first. The company believes that the cellular phone user is looking for truly independent and unbiased data that would enable him or her to make fully informed choices. also introduced a wireless Internet search engine with the most comprehensive database of wireless Internet sites. "The wireless Internet search engine enables wireless Internet users to locate additional content on their Internet enabled digital cellular phone. We have made it easy for the cellular phone user to search for new sites and bookmark them. New wireless Internet sites are registering to be included in our search engine database every day." said Sunil Rao who also serves as's Chief Technical Officer.'s strategy is to position the company, as a wireless web services portal for the fast growing Internet enabled cellular phone market. intends to provide a complete suite of services. The just announced price comparison engine and the wireless Internet search engine address the real needs of the cellular phone user. is working on a number of new exciting technologies that will further enhance the utility of wireless Internet enabled cellular phones., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, develops applications for wireless Internet enabled cellular telephones. The company also has an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Several of the company's founders have received their technical education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Additional information on is available at, which can be accessed on any wireless Internet enabled digital cellular telephone or through the world wide web.

For more information, please contact:
Raman K. Rao
Chairman and CEO
3350 Scott Blvd, Suite 6402
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 408 988 1201
Fax: 408 988 1022
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