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Mobile Application Server
The Cellefony Mobile Application Server (CMAS) brings together a powerful combination of baseline mobile applications for wireless devices.

Mobile Personal Services:Wireless applications such as email, Calendar, Task Lists and CreateLists.
Mobile Converters:
A variety of Measurement, Currency, and other applications to convert between different systems.
Mobile Calculators: Standard, Scientific and Graphing Calculators to calculate while on the move.
Mobile Finance:
Broad range of powerful Financial Tools for tracking and analysis while on the move.
Mobile Entertainment:
Games to keep you entertained while on the move.
Mobile Health and Fitness: Instant access to personalized Health and Emergency information while on the move.
Mobile Travel: Travel and Trip Management, Language Translator and other tools for the professional or leisure traveler.
Mobile Office: Customer, Sales and Office Management tools for the professional while on the move.
Mobile Recipes and Restaurants: Access to Recipes, Ingredients, Grocery and Shopping lists and Restaurants while on the move.
Mobile Site Search Engine: Search and bookmark wireless websites.

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